Thursday, August 26, 2010

The third time, apparently not always the charm...

Well, once again we are on hold.  We got to the hospital at 5:30 am.  Tina and I headed up to the pre-op room.  They got me situated and started the IV.  Noah and company arrived.  We were ready to roll.  The nurse anesthatist was seconds away from knocking me out when we got word to stop. 

Noah had a slight fever last night.  Even though he was feeling fine this morning the doctor wasn't comfortable with moving ahead.  Because the fever could have been caused by an infection it wasn't safe to put him on imuno-suppressants and perform major surgery.

Of course, we all understand we need to do what's best for noah there was dissapointment all around.  Needless to say my brother and Jen were surprised to see me walk back into the waiting room.

So, we are on hold again.  There's a chance we might reschedule for next week.  I will continue to update.

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers, we'll get there.  I know we will.


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  1. Amy, I'm so sorry that you were this close only to have to try again. But I have to say, this blog post really put things into perspective for me. I can't remember the last time I checked my girls' temperatures (even when they had H1N1 last year - I just knew that they were hot), yet Noah's mom is trained to notice even a "slight fever." It's hard work being a parent, but Noah's mom really goes through more on a daily basis than most of us do in a year, maybe more. To the extent that you don't know already (and I bet that you do), as a mom I can tell you how unbelievably grateful she is for you.